Should I Buy or Lease?

2020 Toyota Corolla Models

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who can pay for a new car with cash, you’re going to be asking “should I buy or lease?” at some point. In the battle of leasing vs. buying, both sides have their advantages and drawbacks depending on what your finances and circumstances are like. Frontier Toyota is here to offer Palmdale drivers some advice on leasing vs. buying as well as offer some lease specials and financing specials of our own.

Why Buy?

  • No restrictions on your mileage. Heavy drivers in Lancaster should opt for buying over leasing because leased vehicles have a limit on how many miles you can drive on it. When you buy, you have no mileage restrictions.
  • Total ownership. When you buy your vehicle, that means it’s totally yours and you can do whatever you want with it. When you lease, you’ll have restrictions on getting it modified and decorated.
  • Sell whenever you want. Not having a lease agreement weighing you down means you can sell your vehicle at any time without those pesky restrictions.
  • Customize however you like. If you’re the type of person who wants to make your car stand out, you can customize and decorate your car as you wish with no lease agreement holding you down.
  • Lower costs in the long term. Despite buying giving you a larger upfront cost, you will generally pay less over the life of your car if you buy instead of lease.
  • Better financing options. The process to buy a car is more straightforward than the process to lease it and there are more options for people who have less than great credit.

Benefits of Leasing

  • Lower payments. Between your down payment and the subsequent monthly payments, leasing a vehicle means you’ll have lower monthly costs than when you buy.
  • Trade-ins are much easier. When your lease is up, all you have to do is come into your local Palmdale or San Fernando Valley dealership and drive off the lot with your next vehicle.
  • You pay less in sales tax. When you lease a vehicle in most states, you will pay less in sales tax. Some states, you only pay tax on your down payment and monthly payments.
  • More flexible options. Leasing means that you can stay in newer models with better technology each time you lease a new vehicle. This gives you more choices when you’re looking for that next ride.
  • Better coverage. When you’re leasing, you have a much easier time when it comes to warranties and maintenance. As long as you’re not over your mileage limit, you’re covered.
  • High approval rate. If you get denied a car loan, it’s a lot easier to get approved for a lease agreement. This is an excellent option for people with less than perfect credit.

Buying or Leasing? Frontier Toyota Is the Place

Whether you’re looking to finance or opt for a lease, you can come to Frontier Toyota and expect the absolute best service and selection every single time. We’ve got what it takes to get you driving and if you contact us, we’ll be back with you very soon.

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